An Overview of Marketing Research

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business and it is essential for any organization to be successful. The basic definition of marketing is “the process by which products or services are produced and marketed for the purposes of gaining a profit”. In simple terms, marketing actually refers to the act of creating awareness, promoting the products or services of a business and distributing these to the targeted customer base. Marketing is considered one of the most important aspects of marketing because it directly influences the business performance.


For any business to be successful in marketing it is imperative that a marketing strategy is put into place. Marketing is a complex process that involves planning, creating new ideas, testing the ideas, implementing them and eventually monitoring the results. Marketing is not only about the distribution of goods and services but also involves creating awareness of the products or services, engaging customers, developing loyalty in customers and increasing brand awareness. All of these activities are done in an attempt to reach out to as many consumers as possible and to create the maximum amount of profit from the sale of goods. It is the marketing strategy, which determines the success of any marketing program.

There are four perspectives that need to be kept in mind while marketing. These include cost effective, convenient, product orientation and brand orientation. Cost effective marketing concept is the one based on low costs of production and marketing materials. Convenience marketing concept is oriented towards providing customers with the products when they are ready to buy. Brand orientation is the concept of promoting the products in such a way that customers do not associate the products with any particular brand name.

Marketers also try to take the appropriate steps to make the marketing concept as universal as possible. This is done by using the same marketing concept in other countries apart from the country in which they operate. Brand name marketing concept is another important concept, which enables marketers to promote their products in a way that consumers do not associate the brand name with the products. Another important concept is the product orientation. This is based upon the belief that a consumer will only purchase a product if he or she finds it useful for his or her needs.

Some of the other important concepts used in marketing are product knowledge, selling concept, customer orientation, and consumption behavior. All these concepts have their own significance and help marketers in formulating a suitable marketing research. A proper marketing research will determine the apt steps to be taken in order to sell the goods and increase the sales volume of the company.

It is a good idea to hire a marketing manager who can guide the marketers in choosing the appropriate marketing strategy. In India, there are many companies that provide services pertaining to internet marketing. Internet marketing in India is considered as one of the fastest growing industry in the country. The professionals hired by the companies in this field are experienced and talented.