Career in Fashion Designer

A designer is the person who conceptualizes and designs something. A designer must be imaginative, creative and systematic in his thinking. Designing is one of the fundamental concepts in business, art, science, engineering, medicine and other physical and logical fields. Designers are generally hired by an organization to create a specific product. Designers have to think outside the box and often innovate, develop and implement ideas.


A graphic designer is a person who designs something by expressing his/her ideas in forms such as images, paintings, drawings, 3D or computer-generated models and so on. The word ‘design’ implies the act of generating ideas by means of different materials and methods. The term designer is usually applied to a principal designer, sub-principal designer and associate designer. In design work, designers play a very important role, since it involves several disciplines.

There are many types of designers, each having their own unique quality. Generally, there are two types of designers. One is a text and picture designer and the other is a motion graphics and digital artist. The job of a graphic designer involves creating quality designs for advertising displays, logos, websites, banners, showroom presentations, packaging, industrial design, television programs, signage and motion graphics.

Motion graphics and digital artists are involved in creating 3D graphics and images which can be live, pre-recorded or simply generated using software. Motion designers are involved in designing environments and characters for video games, movies, television shows, advertising campaigns, theme parks and so on. The main job of a graphic designer is to express his/her thoughts and ideas in a visual form. A good designer should be able to express his creativity in designs, images and so on.

Designers spend a lot of time conceptualizing, re-designing their ideas. Many designers start by drawing their ideas on paper or cardboard. With a keen eye for details, they try to create a convincing image, using color, contrast and other elements. With constant practice and development, the skills of many designers are honed to create highly professional designs for different clients.

For young designers, a career in advertising is possible, since most of these firms are based in New York and London. Advertising designer designs logos, clothes, shoes, handbags as well as other accessories used in advertising campaigns. If you want to pursue a career in designing, you can look for jobs at popular design houses and boutiques as well as design museums. However, you must remember that all work has its pros and cons, but with hard work and dedication, one can make a successful career in the world of fashion.