Website Builder Or Freelance Web Designer – Which Is Better?

Website builders are software tools which usually enable the easy building of dynamic websites without complicated manual coding. They fall into two broad categories: website builders for Windows and website builders for Linux. In general, a Windows website builder is better suited to beginners as its user interface is generally more intuitive than that of the Linux-based website builder. Another important thing to consider is that Microsoft has not yet offered a website builder for Linux. This does not mean that you cannot build a website using one of their products; it is just that you will have to pay more. For basic websites, a good Windows website builder will suffice.

website builder

The two most popular website builders for Windows, namely Online Creator and Dreamweaver, are both stand-alone programs. Online Creator is more of an integrated platform than a website builder, allowing users to create a wide range of templates, as well as drag and drop features. Dreamweaver is, on the other hand, a visual project management (VPM) tool. It allows users to rapidly develop high-end graphic-intensive web applications. In addition to built-in templates, this tool also offers a variety of themes and plug-ins that can be easily downloaded and installed. While both tools have templates and themes available, these features are not interchangeable among different versions of the software.

Another thing to consider when hiring website builders is the amount of technical support offered. Most website builders have a customer support section where web developers can inquire about bugs or other issues related to the software. However, a few provide 24-hour support and free technical training. Thus, hiring web developers is not only convenient but also saves time and money.

A website builder cannot be considered a complete solution for developing and designing a web site unless you have a designer to go along with it. There are a number of freelancers who offer web design services but it is best to hire a professional designer because he can give your project a more polished look and offer custom-made solutions. If you do decide to hire a freelancer, always keep in mind to communicate clearly about your goals, budget and technical requirements. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for sample designs and revisions so you can get a better idea of what the designer will come up with.

Another key advantage of hiring a freelancer over hiring a website builder is that you can get your work done faster and at a reduced cost. Freelance web designers have their own artistic sense of style that website builders do not have. As such, the designer will be able to provide your project with a unique look that you cannot achieve with the other tools. However, some website builders have integrated clipart to create unique graphics that can be a bit overwhelming for some individuals.

Ultimately, hiring a freelance web designer or a website builder is a personal decision. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and it depends on what you as a business owner and customer prefer. If you think you are comfortable with either a DIY website builder or a professional web designer then definitely go with the latter. However, if you’re a quick learner and prefer to get things done without a lot of fuss then consider hiring a website builder. This is by far the best option if you want to build your own site in a relatively short period of time.